Retail Management Term Report “High End Modern Trade – Fashion Industry of Pakistan”

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Retail Management Term Report“High End Modern Trade – Fashion Industry” |

Table of Contents


High End Modern Retail Outlook – The bright side 3

Current High End Modern Retailers 4

Business Sample 5

Khaadi 5

Operations 5

Locations 6

Type of Format 6

Employee Type and Density 6

Merchandise Type and Density 6

Product Offering 8

Retail Space 8

Amir Adnan 10

Operations 10

Store Location 11

Employee Type and Density 11

Merchandise Type and Density 11

Retail Space 12

Historic Perspective 14

Problems 16

Qualified HR 16

The Need for an Industry Association Run By A Fulltime Board 16

Me-too 17

PR Problems 17

Conclusion 18


This project builds on the previous assignments on fashion retail by the student group. Previously, the team had studied the business models of StoneAge and Ego. Using the same method, the team studied the businesses of Amir Adnan and Khaadi.

Rationale for this approach was that it allowed the student group to have a sizable sample size. Also, the four businesses studied are representatives of massive change in the industry over the past two decades.

High End Modern Retail Outlook – The bright side

High End Modern Retailing in Pakistan remains highly fragmented and is dominated by small number of national brands, which compete within their own geographic areas in terms of price, personal relationships and product ranges. But now, we are seeing a growing number of large retail brands opening multiple new stores every month, especially in the major cities where there is a higher concentration of middle and upper-income consumers. Despite the challenges, Pakistan has a great market potential still waiting to be discovered.

Changes have occurred over the last decade in the for High End Modern Retail sector in Pakistan such as new global brands entering the market, large scale shopping malls opening up and...