Script Recognition

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 PM

JENNY: Dear parents, teachers, guests, ladies, and gentlemen, good afternoon. As we usher the Recognition Ceremonies of our dear Alma Mater, Hilario Valdez Memorial Elementary School, may we welcome into our midst the honorees escorted by their parents and guardian, followed the guest speaker, DeED officals, city, barangay, school and PTA officials, and other guests.

May I call on my co-master of ceremonies, Mr. Wilfredo E. Bonagua

Willie: Life is a game with a glorious prize,

If we can only play it right.

Jenny: Indeed it is! For today marks the end of another educational lap at Hilario Valdez Memorial Elementary School and everybody is gathered for the awarding ceremonies!

Willie: As we start the program, let us all stand and give honor and praise to God who is the source of everything through a prayer to be led by Miss Elena M. Lagadan, Teacher II.

Jenny: Afterwhich, may we remain standing for the singing of the Phillippine National anthem and the City of my Dreams with Mrs. Leilanie T. Clemente, Teacher III and Mrs. Gilda G. Acosta, Master Teacher I conducting.

Willie: To ease up everyone of us, may we have Mrs. Aileen V. Joaquin, Elementary School Principal II for her opening remarks.

Jenny: Let us all be entertained by a dance from the selected pupils. Mrs. Jenetrix T. Tumaneng, Teacher IIl, In-charge.

Willie: For the information of everybody, that dance drama won 2nd place in the Regional NAMCYA held in Vigan City .Let us lend our ears to the inspirational message from Dr. Norma L. Fernando, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, OIC, Schools Division Superintendent.

Jenny: Thank you, Ma’am. We have come to the moment of victory! My dear pupils and parents, put on your best smile as you receive the fruits of your 10-month toil in this institution. May I call on our Guidance Counselor, Mr. Mariano I. Carrasca for the presentation, pinning of ribbons, and...

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