Youth Violence in Schools

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Youth Violence in Schools


Violence in schools is a worldwide problem. Violence occurs in rich and poor communalities. Some children can handle traumatic events better than others. One child may be able to handle bullying, harassment, robbery, vandalism, ect., whereas another cannot handle and may have poor mental health issues.

Youth Violence in Schools

Pinpointing the cause of violence is hard. Each situation has different circumstances. “The term, school violence, refers to any hostile crime that takes place in the confines of an educational institution.” (2002). Although bullying, physical attacks and attacks with weapons are the most known acts of violence, there are several others. Some other examples are vandalism, robbery, sexual battery, rape, suicide, and murder. There are many causes that lead to school violence.

One cause is the student being exposed to violence. This child's exposure is very often from their own home. This exposure can be current or from early childhood. Sometimes they witness it first hand and others are by seeing it on television; which links with another cause.

Media violence plays a major role. Exposure to violence seen on television, movies, and video games are known to increase aggressive behavior.

Another cause is the lack of attention from their parents. Parents need to be involved, even if the child does not want them to be. Parents are responsible for being a healthy, positive influence on their children. Without rewards children can develop negative behavior patterns.

Access to weapons is one of the main reasons for violence in schools. Guns should always be secured with a lock. The ammo should be hid in a different spot.

“Youth violence is a major problem in our society, one that has increased public attention...

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