Chicken Run vs Great Escape

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Argumentative Essay

Chicken Run

Is Chicken Run intended to be humorous or serious?

It is quite humorous the way the film makers have decided to use chickens; in the original “Great Escape” there are prisoners of war. However, some people believe that if you look beyond the humour, you will see that this movie is based on a serious issue that is easily missed. In my opinion, they are thinking too deeply about this film and should sit back and enjoy the humour.

At first glance, “Chicken Run” appears to be just a kid’s film. It is a cute, bright, fun, animation – everything a young child would like to see. However, Chicken Run entertains a wide audience ranging from young kids, who find this movie simply fun and amusing, to adults, who can appreciate the more mature jokes and the irony that is thoughtfully put in place. When kids watch this film, they will only see the funny side of it. They won’t look deeper for any other meaning. From their point of view, it is nothing more than a funny movie with lots of cute, silly chickens making fools of themselves, as they are trying to escape from the farm.

It is also a “feel-good” movie. The main character “Ginger” fills us all with hope as she never gives up and has such faith. She inspires us all with her bravery and determination to help them all escape. It has been written with lots of jokes thrown in and they have made the whole escape very entertaining – not at all serious. Since this movie is mainly targeted at young children, it would be pointless to portray a serious side as kids will over look this.

On the other hand, there are a lot of similarities between Chicken Run and The Great Escape. The Great Escape is based on a true story which takes place during World War 2. It reminds us of all the people who tragically lost their lives and were deprived their freedom rights. It could be viewed as a serious issue as they too, are being locked up and held against their will. The chickens are kept in a...