Soul Beliefs

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Sai Khisty


Soul Beliefs: Section 07

The Issue of Organ Donors

An issue that I have a particularly strong opinion about is the issue of whether or not citizens should be assumed to be organ donors upon their death. I believe that opting out of organ donation should be a choice, not opting in. In other words, every person should be assumed to be an organ donor upon death and the medical personnel shouldn’t have to rely on whether or not that particular individual selected the option of being an organ donor (as indicated on driver’s licenses).

The reason I propose implementing this new system for organ donation is the reality of the shockingly long lists of patients waiting for a transplant. Most of these patients wait for years to receive organs and often suffer physically and emotionally. In fact, millions of patients who could have been saved with an organ transplant die waiting for an organ to be located and approved for the procedure. Numerous people don’t even know about the option of opting to be an organ donor. The check box relating to organ donation upon possible death on an application for a license is extremely small and is not given much emphasis; therefore many people simply ignore it. Consequently, very few individuals sign up for this aid to society and there is always a shortage of organs.

My personal feelings associated with my stand on this argument are that anyone who doesn’t wish to be an organ donor upon death is being selfish since they are opting to let their body rot in the ground instead of helping to save someone else’s life. A ridiculous aspect of organ donation is that no one wants to give up an organ but when they themselves need one, they must have it! I don’t understand this logic in any way. We are taught to help other while we are living so why throw away the opportunity to help others even when we are dead?

I understand some of the counterargument associated with this issue and I do agree with a few. For...