Literacy for Young Children

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Literacy for Young Children

Did any of you face challenges in your younger age on literacy? Is adult’s literacy worst than teenagers? In Hawaii about 15 percent adults read at our or below a fifth grade level and far below the level needed to earn a living wage. About 70 percent of people with the lowest literacy skills have no full part or part time job and end up homeless. Many teenagers faced challenges in literacy in the younger age such as my self. Growing up I had a hard time understanding stories and I was way below reading level because sometimes teachers wouldn’t give full detail on what their explaining when ask questions about the book. In Hawaii many adults suffer and cant get a full or part time job because their literacy is way below fifth graders so most of us teenagers have a better success with literacy but it’s the adults that we need to help because the children look up to their parents on things they would need help with in their life.

In Hawaii, data shows about 40% of students lack literacy. Many people want to be able to pass literacy so they can become a successful student and live their dream. For young students they have a dream and no matter what they dream they can reach that goal if they build up their understanding of literacy. We need to decrease the percentage of students that lack literacy. Many recent high school graduates had troubles from when they were young till now that they still have trouble understanding literacy. All these young children need to understand literacy immediately and it’s the teacher’s job to make sure that the children get all the knowledge that they need. Children learn literacy in many different ways. Children learn by playing, watching television, reading pop up books and handbooks also by their parents. In their kindergarten year, they learned their alphabets and letter sound relationship but when they hit the second grade most know how to read but 4 to 10 students out of that grade level...