Facebook and It's Effect in the Workplace

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The Effects of Facebook in the Workplace


This paper will explore the use of Facebook, a popular social networking website, and it’s negative and positive effects in the workplace. It explains the features of Facebook, the uses and also touches on another similar networking site such as MySpace. Many studies have been conducted on the use of Facebook since its short yet successful existence, which started just six years ago in 2004. Last month, Facebook welcomed its 250 millionth user to its database. Facebook, with its ease of use and accessibility, has replaced the need for older forms of communication and has become easily available through many portals such as computers, smart phones, and I-Pods. With so many opportunities to log into, Facebook has posed as a potential problem in the workforce. The following paper will touch upon the problems, and will also explain if there are any opportunities that Facebook can help give to a company.

The Effects of Facebook in the Workplace

Social Media has completely taken over today's way of communication. There are no longer demands for things such things as letters, postcards, cards, or even our beloved telephones. The present generation has managed to form one single way to communicate everything possible through only one networking process; the social network. Email has been around for quite a while but has formed in to something bigger, something more personal.  It started with MySpace. As simply describes as a one page personal website devoted solely to you.  As is everything it was soon replaced by yet a bigger better social network called Facebook.

This Social network was far different from the MySpace we were all accustomed to. On Feb. 4th 2004, Facebook was created. Instead of a full page personalized by you, Facebook utilized what is called a "live feed". This allows everyone in your personal network to post and comment on an actual live to-the-minute feed of everyone's day to day life. Letting...