Good Driving & Highway Safety Tips

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Good Driving & Highway Safety Tips

More than 90 per cent of accidents are caused by a driver or rider making a mistake. You need to be fully alert at all times- don't allow yourself to be distracted. Try to be aware of all that is happening around you. Anyone can make a mistake. There is no such thing as a perfect driver. While driving always give an allowance for the mistakes of other drivers.

Highway Safety Tips

➢ Be particularly careful if you are a new driver. Statistics show that the 17 to 25-year old age group and those who have recently passed a test are more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious accident.

➢ Seeing something isn't the same as being aware of it. You need to judge the degree of risk. A pedestrian on the pavement may

➢ Stay where they are- no hazard at all

➢ Be looking t

➢ he other way and about to run into the road - a serious hazard

➢ Try to judge what pedestrians and other road users might do.

➢ Being prepared for the unexpected improves your safety. Be ready for difficult situations- the road being blocked beyond a blind end- for instance.

➢ Adapt your driving tot the type of road. Take particular care on roads with junctions.

➢ Slow down

➢ Be prepared for vehicles pulling out

➢ Inside streets and country lanes where there may be unmarked junctions precede cautiously - nobody has priority at an unmarked junction.

➢ Don't treat speed limits as a target. It won't always be safe to drive at that limit. Always take the road and driving conditions into account.

➢ Position yourself sensibly on the road. On right hand bends for instance, keeping a position to the left will

➢ Improve your view of the road

➢ Help avoid the risk of colliding with traffic coming in the opposite direction.

➢ Choose an appropriate place to maneuver. If you need to turn your car around wait until you find a safe place. DO NOT reverse or turn round...