Redbull: Marketing Perspective

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5C Analysis on Red Bull:

1. Company: ( Product line, Image in the market, Technology and experience, Culture and Goals, Experience in the marketing)

The Austrian company, Red Bull GmbH launched the energy drink Red Bull in the year 1987 in Thailand. Since then, the company has continuously ventured new geographies, thereby realizing an increase in its sales and profits. In 2009, more than 3.9 billion cans were sold in over 160 countries which accounted for 3.3 billion Euros in turnover.[1]

The company was set up to market just one product, Red Bull Energy Drink. Since 2003, though, the company has also produced a low sugar version of the drink. As a single product firm, Red Bull have to ensure that sales of the drink are maintained, through effective marketing or product extension strategies. The company also distributes and markets a number of other drinks including Simply Cola, the Carpe Diem range of herbal soft beverages and the Sabai Wine Spritzer. The company has a manufacturing facility only in Austria from where it is exported to other countries. The company has serious plans of entering the mobile phone market where it aims to offer mobile services to all 140 countries in which its drinks are available. [2] The Red Bull brand is associated with a designer image, energy-giving properties and glamorous lifestyles. These brand qualities have been developed through company sponsorship of sporting activities such as: motorsports, winter sports, base jumping, mountain biking; and cultural events such as the Red Bull Music Academy.[3]

2. Competition:

Right from its launch, the sales of the drink grew continuously and Red Bull now dominates the world's energy-drink market with a 40% market share. Red Bull competes across different segments like Energy, Sports, Health and Nutritional drinks, Leisure drinks, Alcoholic beverages, and other carbonated beverages and mainly from traditional drinks like tea, coffee and juices.

Red Bull faces competition from...