Jones Blair - Case Study

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Jones Blair - Case Study

Table of Contents



Identify Issue


Implementation Plan



The Jones Blair company is a privately held corporation which produces and markets architectural coating. In addition to manufacturing a full line of architectural paint, the company sells sundries under their own brand name, items such as (rollers, brushes, thinners, etc.) in over 50 counties in the southwestern United States. Established in 1928, their mission has been to provide the business community with the highest quality of products. The company maintains its manufacturing facility and headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (DFW). The metropolitan DFW area is the major area for Jones Blair in terms of sales and business relationships.


Sherwin Williams

Benhamin Moore


Consumer Buys from...

Direct Manufactures - Ace Hardware, Sherwin Williams

Retailers - Home Depot, Sears, Lowes

Identify the Issue

Architectural coatings have slowed 1-2% growth in long-term sales. This is due to alternate materials such as aluminum and vinyl siding and the increased sales of higher quality paints, which reduce the amount of paint used and the rate of reapplying new paint. Also, research by the Home Improvement Research Institute explains that do-it-yourselfers choose retailer first, then choose the paint brand. In 2005, Alexander Barrett, the president of Jones Blair decided to call a meeting to discuss the company’s marketing strategies. After the meeting, Barrett and the team plan to develop a new corporate marketing plan. With minimal marketing and advertising, Jones Blair is faced with their brand being over seen by the consumers to the highly advertised, low price and low quality paint brands of their competitors.

In the past, Jones Blair relied mainly on their sales representatives personal relationship with distributors to further the brand awareness and growth....