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Motivation and Job Satisfaction in the Chinese Hotel Industry: |



Name: Yan Sun


Submission Date: 7/1/2008 |


This research aims to access on the motivational level of employees in Xin Cheng Five-Star-hotel in Inner Mongolia of China, and the major factors which affect their motivational level and job satisfactions. Hence provide recommendations to the management of Xin Cheng to improve their Human Resource Management skills, and then increase their competition and profits in the Chinese Hotel industry. Another primary objective is through doing this research, get a better understanding of fundamental human management concepts and strategies, and get a practice on putting theories into actual cases. Following is a brief outline of this thesis:

Introduction and Literature Review

This study was composed through sensible information gathered through various methods alongside of the valid interpretations of the researcher. Beginning with the introduction of this document which is why this had set the direction of the research: from the background of the intended study, problem wanted to explore, research questions intended to be answered, up to the significance of this research. And then it explores past researches, cases, news, and other pieces that have something to do with the subject of this research, evidenced by important figures and statistical presentations derived from available resources online as well as from other printed materials. Next, this paper presents the detailed information and process on research design and methodology utilized for the completion of this study. The results of the survey, derived from the completed analysis and finalized interpretation is discussed in following session. Based on the findings, a coherent conclusion which contains all finalized answers has been presented next. In the end, the report contains recommendations which...