Proton Malaysia

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Table of content

Abstract/ Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction

1.1 History of Auto industry in Malaysia

1.2 The Top 10 Best Car Brand in Malaysia in 2010

2.0 Company Background

2.1 History of Proton

2.2 PROTON International Car Market

3. 0 Problem Statement

3.1 Products

3.2 Services

4.0 Problem Analysis

4.1 Production Ethics

4.2 Human Resources Ethics

4.3 Marketing Ethics

4.4 Ethics of intellectual property

4.5 Ethics of accounting information


5. 0 Recommendation & Implementation

5.1 Promotion

5.2 Product

5.3 Engine Development

5.4 Collaboration

5.4.1 Research Collaboration With Universities

5.5 Technology Collaboration

5.5.1 Vehicle Advanced Telematics System (VATS)

5.6 Automotive Legislation Updates



5.9 Optimizing Operational Capacity


6.1 Quality in Design & Development

6.2 Quality in Manufacturing

6.3 Quality in Supply Chain

6.4 Quality in Market

6.5 Internal Solution Recommendation

6.5.1 Staffs Issues

6.5.2 Policies

6.5.3 Practices

7.0 Marketing

8.0 Conclusion

9.0 Bibliography


This is a case on PROTON which is Malaysia’s first car manufacturing company. It has a complex history orchestrated by the then Prime Minister with his 2020 vision for the country to be a developed country status. When the cabinet approved the National Car Project, the Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (HICOM) signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation in December 1982 to establish PROTON. Since then the ups and downs with the world financial roller coaster as well as WTO and AFTA influence PROTON in...

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