Harry the Genius

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Day: 2/ Friday/ Therapy: puzzle and photo language

Date: November 07, 2008

Venue: BPSU student center

First liner: Harry Glen S.


Working Phase


Nurse centered:

1. To help patient verbalize thoughts and feelings.

2. To enhance their interaction with others.

3. To help them gain trust from others.

Client centered:

1. To stimulate the mind of the patient.

2. To be able to help client verbalize her feelings and thoughts.

3. To test the thinking ability and how the patient will cope with the problem.

Description of Setup:

It was Friday, November 07, 2008 at around 1:30 p.m when we received the client at the female ward. We headed directly at the grooming area where other student nurse and their client were already there. The weather is not so convenient for outside activity because it was raining.

Description of the Client

When we first saw Mrs. M.G.M she is wearing pink shirt and she is not well groomed. We notice a foul smelling odor on her. We also notice of her tooth decay and some wound on her feet. She always talks about her past but not looking directly to us. She keeps talking and it shows her excitement of having company.

Recording Process

| |Therapeutic Communication Technique | |

|Nurse-Patient Conversation | |Analysis and Interpretation |

|SN: Magandang hapon po. Kumain na po ba |Giving Recognition |Facial expression reveals feelings and |

|kayo? | |emotions. The face is the greatest conveyor|

|P: Opo kumain na ako. |...