Bus642 Week #5

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Research Methods Exercise Week 4

BUS642 Business Research Methods and Tools

Prof. Raj Singh

Research Methods Exercises

Read Case Study:  Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best. Answer questions 1-3

1. Build the management research question hierarchy for Ramada

Dilemma for Ramada Properties: Increasing customer Satisfaction

Management questions: How do we increase customer satisfaction?

Research questions: What can management do to improve customer satisfaction? How is employee motivation going to improve customer satisfaction?

Should employee incentives be provided? And should hiring be modified?

Investigative question: How can employees be involved? How often should employees be

Rewarded? And How should training be presented?

2. Apply the research process model to the Ramada research initiative.

a) Explain the role and process of exploration in Ramada’s research

The exploration process was precisely planned. Ramada focused on precise problematic areas that needed improvements based on the customer responses to surveys.

b) What role did secondary data play in the exploration phase of the research?

Ramada used a cost effective technique where they analyzed the success of other companies and the factors that contributed to the success. Secondary data played a cost effective role in the exploration phase. Companies such as Disneyland and Southwest airlines have the necessary budget to outsource and implement programs to improve employee loyalty and retention. Ramada management took good use of the data and applied the necessary action items.

c) What steps and phases in the process model can you match to the Ramada Research?

First of all the Ramada management staff...

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