Example Biography in 3rd Person

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Sgt Tyler Moore was born 1986 in Bangkok, Thailand. As an orphan he was adopted at age 3 and taken back to the United States in 1989. There he grew up in Ames, IA with 3 brothers and 1 sister. His parents Allen and Terry Moore adopted children from South Korea, Thailand, and India and also had two of their own. With a very diverse family Sgt Tyler Moore was the only son that joined the military.

On February 15th 2004, Sgt Tyler Moore joined the United States Army Reserves under the Delayed Entry Program at age 17. He went to basic training at Fort Jackson, SC between his Junior and Senior year of High School. During his Senior year of High School Sgt Tyler Moore decided he would go to the Active side of the Army. Doubling up on classes in High School allowed him to graduate a half year earlier then the rest of his class. Sgt Moore, graduated with a High School diploma from Eastview Senior High School out of Apple Valley, Minnesota.

After High School, Sgt Moore went to AIT at Fort Gordon, GA. Soon afterwards he reported to his first duty station, 2-9 INF (M) out of Camp Casey, Korea. In August of 2006 he reported to 1-28 INF out of Fort Riley, KS. He deployed in February of 2007 with 1-28 INF to Forward Operating Base Falcon, Baghdad. During this time he developed a relationship with Savorn Veth a Cambodian girl from his hometown in Minnesota. Soon after his deployment he married her and reported to his third duty station. Fort Lee, VA.