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Executive Summary

AutoZone’s marketing strategy has enabled them to become the market leader in the auto parts industry. AutoZone’s ability to reach its target market and fulfill their needs has allowed them to develop a positive customer perception about the company. AutoZone perfectly balances their use of the four marketing P’s to satisfy customers’ needs and wants.

AutoZone’s primary target market consists of male DIYers age18 to 49 that own cars older than seven years. These people are high involvement, and although they come from various and diverse backgrounds, they all share the desire and interest to fix their own vehicles. AutoZone carefully selects products to match their customers’ needs according to certain geographic areas. The main products AutoZone sells are aftermarket auto parts. The parts they sell are the heterogeneous type of product because they differ in quality and price.

AutoZone strategically places its retail outlets in high traffic areas with good street visibility. They usually place their retail stores near auto repair shops in order to attract customers in need of repair parts or maintenance items. AutoZone’s contract with Transplace Logistics Company has allowed them to cut costs and operate at a much higher efficiency. Their marketing, merchandising, and operating initiatives continue to drive strong by reminding customers to maintain their vehicles. They use a combination of the push and pull marketing strategy to promote its brand and products.

The pricing strategy AutoZone uses shows that they are a value leader in the auto parts industry. The company offers products that emphasize its commitment to providing its target market with high quality auto parts. AutoZone’s customers are very loyal because of their great customer service, product variety and quality, and...