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1. (TCO 1) Which of the following is a mental process? (Points : 2)




a and b

2. (TCO 1) If a psychologist is interested in studying the risk factors that lead to delinquency in adolescence, on what goal of psychology is the researcher focused? (Points : 2)

describing behavior

explaining behavior

predicting behavior

changing behavior

3. (TCO 1) An example of ______________ would be if you argue that most behaviors are a product of your environment and your friend argues that behaviors are a result of heredity. (Points : 2)

the nature-nurture controversy

applied vs. basic research

continuity vs. discontinuity controversy

an objective vs. subjective argument

4. (TCO 1) Functionalism was strongly influenced by what previous theory? (Points : 2)

Darwin's theory of evolution



Pavlov's theory of classical conditioning

5. (TCO 1) Pavlov's concept of ______________ explained behavior as a result of observable stimuli and observable responses. (Points : 2)





6. (TCO 1) Behaviorists were different conceptually from earlier psychologists and ____ (Points : 2)

rejected the practice of introspection.

rejected the influence of unconscious forces.

believed classical conditioning only applied to animals such as Pavlov's dogs.

a and b

7. (TCO 1) The humanistic perspective was responsible for influencing the development of what area of psychology? (Points : 2)





8. (TCO 1) Biopsychologists emphasize _____. (Points : 2)

that behavior is the...

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