How Professional Organizations Can Help Me Succeed

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How Professional Organizations Can Help Me Succeed

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How Professional Organizations Can Help People Succeed

Professional organizations exist to help people in the group associated with the organization excel in their positions in a greater effort to advance the group. Some associations are educational, such as the National Education Association, some have a relationship with sports such as the Maryland State High School Field Hockey Coaches Association. Being a member of a professional organization can help someone’s careers by offering services members to help him or her succeed. An organization I could join to advance my career is the Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA.

About CompTIA

CompTIA is an organization dedicated to furthering information technology throughout the world. Membership is not just for IT professionals; it also consists of “companies including manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and educational institutions” (CompTIA, 2009). Becoming a member of CompTIA would help me succeed not just at my current job, but also help me advance my career.

Benefits of Joining CompTIA

CompTIA offers various forums to discuss issues businesses are seeing, and also offers conferences for IT professionals “to connect with others in the IT channel” (CompTIA, 2009). I could bounce ideas off them to see how they handle a certain situation, ask what types of technologies they use, and even if a certain vendor works over another one. I could also talk to resellers to see what their clients may have used, and how they handled the situations. This would benefit me because I would receive advice without the pressure of a salesperson trying to make a sale on me. Membership in CompTIA would also benefit me because they commission “thousands of dollars worth of industry research” (CompTIA, 2009), and I would have access to these reports and be able to use this research to make my company run more efficiently and safer.