Elements of Design

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Elements Of Design
of the artwork creating a sense of completeness. Variety- is the use of several elements of design to hold the viewers attention and to guide the viewers eye
Elements Of Design
also need to go hand in hand. Principles of design are used to organize the structural elements of design. The elements of art should be used in the right proportion
Elements Of Design
that season and one of my personal favorites. The focus of this paper is on the elements of design and creative talents that brought things together in this film
Elements Of Design
Introduction to Film Dr. Corey King June 10, 2012 Elements of Design This paper will analyze a clip from the movie, Far From Heaven, directed by Todd

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Elements of Design

Gwendolyn Royal Miller

ENG 225: Introduction to Film

Instructor Michael O’Donnell

October 20, 2012

Elements of Design


In clip I selected, I will establish how lighting is utilized in the scene, evokes certain moods from the audience and overall how it impact the story being told. I also hope to depict what costumes, hairstyles and makeup can tell about characters as well as how they reflect elements of the film’s story line.


The movie clip that I have chosen The Twilight Saga: New Moon “Volturi Fight”. The director used low-key and back lighting. The director used this type of lighting because of the significant effects it would present in the scene (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). When the movie starts, Aro the leader of the Volturi is fascinated when he sees Bella is immune to all the vampire’s amazing powers the lighting looks hazy with smoky appearance. The lighting defines Aro making him stand out more; his eyes were noticeable blood shoot red while the appearance of Marcus and Caius were a bit blurred. I thought the lighting of the scene evokes fear, worry, and death of Bella and Edward. The use of back lighting made the focus on Belle clearer which gives me the impression that the director wanted to show the dissimilar of dead and living highlights to detail features of Bella’s rosy cheekbone.

By using low-key lighting, this allows the film to have huge amounts of shadow which create a lot of intensity in the overall storyline of the film. The director’s choices of lighting create depth in the structure giving each character a mysterious appearance that was noticeable (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). The biggest impact on the movie is gives a sense of illusion of being mysterious, drama feels and romantic feel. People can relate it to a classic movie having an olden day charm.

The Volturi was the unsanctioned royalty of the vampire world, and living in the city of Volturi, Italy....

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