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Graves Consumer Products recognizes the added value of an integrated marketing communications plan. The purpose of this summery is to provide a comprehensive strategy to be used for marketing communication. In order to research this strategy marketing directors, financial analyst, and independent consultants were used. The findings showed an integrated marketing communications campaign will breakeven on cost at year two, and provide long lasting benefits for the company.

Graves Consumer Products will implement an integrated marketing communications campaign that compliments our brand and is cost effective. Joshua Edwards, marketing director has provided a solid plan to assist with this move toward integrated marketing communications; however we have a few questions which will assist in our decisions with this move. While we agree that “Good Housekeeping” will compliment our efforts with a comprehensive television and print advertising campaign. Will they be able to provide online marketing communication tools, and traditional tools such as magazine and mail order ads? If “Good Housekeeping” can provide the additional sources of marketing communication, what are the additional costs if any? The suggestion for the end cap display of our product is attractive, yet with an estimated cost of $1M, how many retailers are we acquiring with our investment? The idea of offering a trail size along with the DuPont endorsement positioning us as “cleaner of choice” is in-line with the efforts for positive brand recognition that we are looking for. However what size, and at what concentration of active cleaner are we purposing for this trail size? We are looking to trim the estimated cost of this campaign to $1.3M. Finally we are looking to develop an aggressive public relations campaign; on the other hand we have discovered in the consumer market that eco-friendly attributes to a product were the least influential factor in a product...