Consumer Preference

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International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow

Vol. 2 No. 9

Consumer Buying Behavior & Perception towards Chocolates Brands and Its Consumption

Ms. Parul Mittal, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Indira Gandhi P.G. Regional Center Dr. Ravinder, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Indira Gandhi P.G. Regional Center


As consumers, we play a very vital role in the health of the economy local, national or international. The decision we make concerning our consumption behavior affect the demand for the basic raw materials, for the transportation, for the banking, for the production; they effect the employment of workers and deployment of resources and success of some industries and failures of others. Thus marketer must understand this. In order to become a successful marketer, he must know the liking or disliking of the customers. He must also know the time and the quantity of goods and services, a consumer may purchase, so that he may store the goods or provide the services according to the likings of the consumers. Based on the attribute that different buyer seeks while making purchase decision, marketers has to device appropriate marketing mix to position their product in the targeted market(s). Through this descriptive study we have tried to analyze the various attribute that different buyer seeks while making purchase of chocolates of different size and quantity for different purposes altogether with significant differences in favorite brand; flavor; price and place of buying etc. Also, we have tried to examine the various degree of relationship that exist between the different attributes of the product that consumer favors and the brand loyalty that consumer have toward his liked brand. Also main emphasis is laid to find out what results in brand loyalty and is this relationship is significant with changing marketplace. Keywords: Chocolate, Consumer Behavior, Consumption

ISSN: 2249-9962