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 1  Introduction

Apple, Inc. is a US multinational corporation that needs no introduction.  Apple Inc. with its “Think Differently" motto has been Fortune magazine's  “World's most admired company in the World” for the last 4 consecutive years (Fortune, 2012). On February 28th, 2012, Apple, Inc.'s market value toped $500 billion (Blodget, H, 2012).

'Apple Computers' as it was called prior to 2007 had primarily focused on its core computer business. In 2001, it shifted its strategy by entering the portable digital music player business with the introduction of iPod, and in 2003 entered the music business with the introduction of iTunes music store. According to Apple's FY'07 10-Q, by end of 2006, the iPod & iTunes business contributed to more than half of its revenue. In 2007, “Apple Computer” changed its name to “Apple, Inc.” This paper focuses on Apple, Inc.'s  business strategy in the last five years starting from 2007 to present and throughout this paper 'Apple, Inc.' will be simply referred as 'Apple'.

 2   External Analysis

 Apple competes in the following four industries ;

* Computer Hardware and Software – with 'Mac' line of computers, Mac OS X & iOS

* Portable media devices – iPod, iPad & appleTV

* Smart Phone – iPhone 

* Music, Media and Content Service – iTunes, iBook, App Store and Mac Store

A firm's business strategies are influenced by the forces in its external environment. PESTEL and Porter's five forces framework can be used to analyze the factors influencing the firm's macro-environmental and industry sectors respectively (Johnson et al, 2008, p.55). From Apple's PESTEL Analysis (A1) and Porter's Five Forces Analysis (A2), the key external drivers of change affecting Apple are ;

Political Threat

Apple manufactures and assembles all of its products in Asia (Apple, Inc. FY12 10-Q Form , p36). Hence it is dependent on political stability in these countries. Any political conflict between these...