Ang Batas Rizal at Pagpili Sa Bayani Ng Lahi

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Looking Back

I was about to end my senior year, and still there are no clear plans on how I can continue my studies. “Life is difficult” they say. And I knew that this is true. But I could not just lose hope, I had to do something.

Uncle Ken came unexpectedly. He agreed to help me go to college. He was a great part of the “new hope” I had with me.

I was so nervous on my first trip to Manila. I have been praying since I stepped out of the door.

First day of school came. I had mixed emotions. I had several expectations. I said to myself, I have to endure this. At the end of the first day, I found my new set of friends.

They helped me adjust and with their presence I enjoyed college.

It was on the second year that I entered the dormitory. Usually students receive a letter from the school that they are welcome to enter MJ. I did not receive any letter. Only my friends told me the date on when to come to MJ. So I went alone without any letter. I did not know that parents were expected to come so that they would also know the rules. I asked Papa not to come “ Nakakahiya baka ako lang may kasamang parent”. So on my first day in MJ I was asked to go to the Dean’s office. I had to explain why I didn’t have my parents with me. I said I didn’t receive any letter. And I only assumed that I passed.

Living in the MJ dormitory also taught me lessons. I had “committee duties” aside from the regular curricular activities. When I was in second year I did not appreciate why I had to make “minutes of the meeting, buy and sell business, and be encampused for a week just because of being a minute late. Little did I know then that all of these tiny details would teach me leadership, responsibility, accountability, and other life lessons.

Second year was about adjusting to the nursing world and learning more about man, his family and community. Third year, we started to study on health promotion during the first semester while we...

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