Mba 525 Marketing Plan

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Business expansion has always been the ultimate goal of businesses. The expansion could be nationally or even internationally. Expanding nationally might include the opening of new branches, and adding more manufacturing plant. On the other hand, expanding internationally happen when a company is going abroad to sell their products in other countries not including their origin country. International expansion could be done by using Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), franchise, license agreement, and exporting, depending on the level of investment that a company wants.

This paper will discuss the marketing plan of international expansion of EnviroClean Inc. EnviroClean is a company operating in the swimming pool industry based in Australia. Recently, they invented a new water filtration system that is more eco-friendly, and self-backwashing system. There are a lot of types of international expansion that they might choose from. However, each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the condition and the structure of the company.

International expansion has always been risky for a company. If a company is not ready yet to enter to other countries, they better don’t. In addition, international expansion is risky in term of cost since if the investment failed the company would not be able to get their money back. Therefore this paper will analyze the expansion that is about to be utilized by EnviroClean. This paper will include 5 segment namely environmental analysis, target market analysis, SWOT analysis, sales forecast, and advertising and promotion.

EnviroClean Inc.

EnviroClean Inc is a company that is operating in swimming pool industry. They are registered as Scanex Inc and the name change is still on process. The key management personel is Andrew Maxwell as the CEO, Kim Goriss as the V.P. of finance, and Sam Kellahan as the V.P. legal liaison. The structure of ownership consists of 3 companies including ABF Pty Ltd, New...

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