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System Development Life Cycle

University of Phoenix



System Development Life Cycle


Huffman trucking company, founded in 1936, is currently very competitive in the freight business; With 925 drivers, and over 3000 motorized transport vehicles, and facilities located in four different states. Huffman Trucking Company has a high priority of maintaining a happy client base. Huffman trucking has one problem that keeps interfering with customer service and smooth operations: the phone system.


The call center is the hub for any and all incoming calls. When a call comes in the center and there are no available agents to answer the calls in the order in which they are received, the calls are then re-routed to a dispatcher that is available at the time. If there are no dispatchers that are available, then the call is put back on hold until someone in the call center or a dispatcher becomes available. This results in hang ups, upset customers and vendors. The current phone system has caused lag during the transmissions.


The areas that would be affected during the upgrading process are Telecommunications, Technical Support, Customers, Dispatchers, Drivers, Agents and Factoring Companies. The company as a whole is affected by this problem, the stakeholders are companywide including Huffman’s client base.

Specific areas of concern


The main concern in the accounting system is:

The tracking of all paperwork (Bills of Lading). Making sure all paperwork has been received to prevent unpaid invoices within the term that the carrier has chosen (1 day, 7 day or 28 day).


The two concerns in tracking systems are:

1. Tracking shipments in real time for B2C and B2B considerations

2. Tracking calls so that they are routed to the right departments and minimizing calls that can be automated through Automated call routing systems(Queued calls)

Needs assessed


1. The needs to...

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