Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism

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Executive Summary

This paper explores the medical tourism that has developed as a result of global marketing and public access. Global health care has developed into a large arena in which patients choose where to have procedures performed. Planned surgeries don’t have to be boring procedures any longer. A person can plan a medical vacation and heal in a resort-like setting. A better understanding of the issues involved and the implications associated will be reviewed.

Medical Tourism

Monaco’s Princess Grace Hospital Centre offers a world-class medical care facility appealing to many people. It is attractive not only because of the health care delivered, but also because of the beautiful tourism opportunities as well. During a hospital procedure visit one could be at a top-notch vacation destination with a balcony overlooking Monaco’s palace and the Mediterranean. Compared to care available at the local hospital, this sounds like a more desirable option. This is medical tourism.

Medical tourism is on the rise. This creates a very competitive market for patients to have procedures within. MH Ross Travel Insurance Services lists many countries that are participating in the medical centers of excellence including Thailand, Rome, Paris, Dubai, Switzerland, South Korea, Seoul, Brazil, Chile, and Santiago.

One of the leading hospitals in the world is located in Bangkok, Thailand named Bumrungrad International Hospital. It is over one million square feet in size and is the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia. Accredited by the Joint Commission International which sets the standards for hospital facilities around the world, it is considered one of the best. Newsweek magazine (2006) labeled the hospital as one of the “10 World Leaders” rating its costs, care, and staffing.

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