Three Key Elements to Online Learning

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Three Key Elements to Online Learning


The key elements of organization, time management and effective communication are discussed as the keys to being a successful leader. These three key elements play such an important role to any leader in any organization, and throughout their entire careers. These skills are so interwoven that they are all of equal importance and must be used in unison for the leader to be successful. Every leader will benefit from incorporating these three skills into their everyday business practices. These skills will also help me to better improve my organization of assignments, prioritize my time for study and effectively improve my communication abilities via writing assignments and improve my ability to following directions. So that I can successful complete my Masters in Business Administration.

As soldiers in the United States Armed Forces in a deployed status, it is paramount that we have a highly developed organizational skill set. We must have the ability to develop a time management plan that is both an efficient and effective and is flexible enough within our ever changing environment. Leaders must possess the unlimited ability to effectively communicate clearly and concisely with our higher headquarters and with our subordinate units and soldiers.

Organization is the corner stone of every military operation. We must be able to set mission priorities in a clear and precise manner from the most critical task to the most mundane task of everyday life. It allows us as leaders to organize our units into a cohesive group with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and gives us the ability to complete our mission in the most effective possible manner.

Time is our most critical resource in the deployed environment and time management our most valued skill set. Allotting sufficient and appropriate time for eating, sleeping, bathing to the scheduling of day to day operations, synchronizing...