The Day That Changed My Life

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Blainey Brda

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October 11, 2013


A Day That Changed My Life

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when something happens that changes their life from there on out. Some events are glorious like getting married but others, like mine, are tragic. One of those memories where you want to go back in time and stop it from ever happening. On May 2, 2013, my life changed for good but not in a good way.

That morning my mother and I had gone to my pediatrician for me to be put on ADD medication. Afterwards, we had called my grandmother Judy to talk to her about the medication they had put me on. We had called her because she was a nurse and knew more about medication then we had. She told us that she did not know much about the medication but we would talk more about the medication when we were all home that night. My mother and her continued to talk, mainly about when the other was going to be home and how work was going. Everything was normal like any other day.

I had returned to school after the doctor’s appointment and had finished out my school day. When I was on my way home, I decided to go to my mother’s house to take a nap and then just go to my dad’s in a bit. I lay on the couch to take a nap and suddenly in the middle of my nap, I woke up with discomfort that something had just gone wrong. When I checked my phone, I had noticed that I had several missed calls from my father and my friend Taylor. Suddenly, a text came through my phone from my father that said “911”. I urgently jumped into my car, and took off quicker than I ever had and was headed towards my fathers. When I reached the end of highway W, I noticed the cars were backed up from what seemed to be an accident. Without noticing what it was, I continued to my father’s because I thought something had happened there.

When I was almost to my father’s house, I received a phone call from him. He told me on the phone that my grandmother had been in a terrible accident...