Black Friday Shopping

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Bring Back The Good Old Days

After a huge thanksgiving dinner with friends and family we head to the car and drive home. As I try avoiding my eyes closing, I glance out the car window and see the thanksgiving tradition not celebrated by most of the country, Black Friday. Have you ever wondered, who in their right mind would stand in line 14 hours in advance to get into a store at 4 am, well this article suggests holiday shopper s try a new alternative. Companies are now trying to entice more people to partake in this tradition, but now it’s online. Black Friday deals have been going up since 12:01 am est. Wednesday. In the past, companies like CompUSA used to start is black Friday shopping at midnight to try and get ahead of the other stores who open its doors around 4am. It’s all about trying to attract the most customers and to produce the most income on the opening season for Christmas shoppers. But as the author of this story writes, that most “Black Friday” deals can be found online but some stores still keep their best deals for the people who will wait outside their store.

This article has many different marketing concepts in it. The “Black Friday” deals that people have killed over is a great example of consumer buying behavior. It’s the one time of the year that almost creates a new form of shopper. One’s level of involvement could range from enduring to extended problem solving because they all come together to find the best deals on products they want. Due to the situation and the time of the year, buyers want to give their children, friends, and family the most for the least. Their buying motives change and their attitudes toward products change because prices fall into a range where they can afford them.