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The dishes assigned to us for the exercise are one low-calorie and one high-calorie vegetable or side dish.

Reasons for Choosing these dishes:

For the high-calorie dish, we chose to cook the “Cheesy Garlic Potato” dish because it contains a large amount of calories due to its main ingredients. Its main ingredients are potatoes, cheese and butter. Potatoes are excellent sources of carbohydrates which provide a lot of energy which is expressed in kilo calories. Moreover, the butter and cheese also provide a decent amount of energy due to its high fat content which also contributes to the dish having high calorie content.

We chose the dish “Ratatouille” as our low-calorie vegetable dish because most of its ingredients are green leafy and fruity vegetables like tomatoes, Zucchini, red bell pepper, eggplant, parsley and carrots. These vegetables provide just small amount of calories due to the fact that they do not contain fat and their carbohydrate content is just in small amounts. Unlike the previous dish, this dish does not contain ingredients that are high in carbohydrate and fat content save only for the olive oil used in baking the dish.

Health Benefits

The “Cheesy Garlic Potato” can be an appropriate side dish for people who need to gain weight. After the main course, an individual can consume this dish as a side dish to add more to his/her calorie and energy intake aside from the main dish which can then help in gaining weight. But excess intake of the dish should be avoided because it is also contains high amounts of fat due to its heavy sauce.

The “Ratatouille” can be a nice side dish for people who are in reduced diets. Vegetables are the main ingredients of this dish and they do not contain much fat and calories. The vegetables also provide high fiber content for the dish which helps in bowel movement.


Both dishes are sanitary because we ourselves prepared them. (Abby, obvious naman toh diba? Hehe!)

The Cheesy Garlic Potato dish is not...