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Business 101 Essay

Pick a motivation theory in 10.2. Describe it in your own words and give an example of how you would use the motivation theory if you were the manager in a restaurant. (Your choice on the type of restaurant!)

Write your answer in complete sentences (minimum of 5 sentences) and please use proper grammar / spelling. 

I like Herzberg’s motivation theory. Frederick Herzberg, a professional psychologist developed the two-factor theory of motivation based on motivating needs (motivators) and hygiene needs. In my view, the motivators are the incentives (of job satisfaction) that get individuals working because they get some intrinsic reward from them. Similarly, the hygiene needs are those factors that provide dissatisfaction at work, if not properly attended to in a job environment. Thus, to motivate people at work, as a manager, I would need to eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction in my fast-food restaurant—by addressing certain hygiene needs. On top of doing that, I would also focus my efforts on offering feedback, encouragement and support for the purpose of job enrichment. Lastly, if I became the manager in a fast-food restaurant, I would replace an assembly line with modular work instead, where my employees (or groups of employees) carry out a job from start to finish more successfully through undergoing job enlargement.

On page 349 is a section named "Stink over ink?” Read the article and answer all five of the questions. Each answer should be at least one sentence with proper grammar and spelling. 

Remember, think critically!

I believe that employees with tattoos should be treated more fairly under the Civil Rights Act, which enforces the Equal Employment Opportunity Law. I also think workers with tattoos that are obscene though, and advocate sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination should make their form of expression less visible or just cover them up thoroughly. These exceptions would be necessary to...