English Composition Week 2 Assignment

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Section One:

1. The difference between quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing are that with quoting that you are only using a narrow segment of the source but it must be identical to the original. With paraphrasing you are putting a passage from the original source material into your own words. And with summarizing you are putting the main ideas into your own words, to include only the main points. Yes researchers are required to provide in-text citations and reference page entries so that if the reader wants to look more into the entry they know where the researcher got their information from.

2. Three ways to avoid Plagiarism could be using in-text citations, Anonymous Paraphrasing and Peer Summarizing.

3. Citing and referencing electronic sources are difficult because they are still relatively new so since they are becoming more widely used tools for research. With that you want to ensure it is accurate so the best way is to consult the style manual and/or accompanying website for your discipline first.

Section Two:

1. I learned from navigating the library how many useful resources there are from the school’s library that I had no idea was even available.

2. The tutorials and sources that would help me the most would be the APA Guide and the APA Template.

Section Three:

1. In writing you have many different choices to make when writing a paper. Once choice you have is to choose the topic you want to write about. Another choice you have is your approach to writing the paper. Another choice you have is the sources you will be using for your paper. Then you have a choice for what your thesis will be also.

2. The strategy I would take to draw someone into my way of thinking is by weighing all the options that come with what I am trying to get the other person to think the same way as me. Some of the choices that I think I would be faced are their religious beliefs, maybe their age and maybe their culture background.