Bus 375 Wk 10 Chapter 17 Quiz - All Possible Questions

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BUS 375 WK 10 Chapter 17 Quiz - All Possible Questions

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BUS 375 WK 10 Chapter 17 Quiz - All Possible Questions




(E)     1.    The two primary components of a risk are:

A.   The event and the probability

       B.    The probability and the impact

C.   The impact and the event

D.   The impact and the amount at stake



(M)    2.    Risk constitutes a lack of knowledge _____.

       A.    Of future events

B.   About the environment

C.   About the estimates

D.   About the customer’s requirements



(E)     3.    Which of the following is not included in risk management?

A.   Risk planning

B.   Risk Assessment

C.   Risk handling

       D.    All of above are part of risk management



(E)     4.    Proper risk management is reactive rather than proactive.

A.   True

       B.    False



(E)     5.    If there’s a 40% chance of making $1 million and a 60% chance of losing $600,000, then the expected monetary outcome is.

A.   <$400,000>

       B.    <$40,000>

C.   $360,000

D.   <$360,000>



(M)    6.    The process that identifies, evaluates, selects and implements one or more strategies to set risk at an acceptable level is:

A.   Risk planning

B.   Risk assessment

       C.    Risk handling

D.   Risk monitoring and control



(E)     7.    An objective source for risk identification is:

A.   Lessons learned files

B.   Program documentation evaluations

C.   Current performance data

       D.    All of the above



(M)    8.    Brainstorming, assumption analysis and WBS decomposition are techniques used for:

       A.    Risk identification

B.   Risk assessment

C.   Risk monitoring and control

D.   Risk handling



(M)    9.   Monte Carlosimulation is a technique used as part of:

A.   Risk identification

       B.    Risk assessment

C.   Risk...