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CHAPTER 7Training

Companies are in business to make money, and every business function is under pressure to show how it contributes to business success or face spending cuts and even outsourcing. To contribute to a company’s success, training activities should help the company achieve its business strategy. There is both a direct and an indirect link between training and business strategy and goals. Training can help employees develop skills needed to perform their jobs, which directly affects the business. Giving employees opportunities to learn and develop creates a positive work environment, which supports the business strategy by attracting talented employees as well as motivating and retaining current employees. the conditions through which training practices can help companies gain competitive advantage and how managers can contribute to a high-leverage training effort and create a learning organization

Chapter 7, training, discussed a systematic and effective approach to training design reviews training methods and training evaluation and concludes with a discussion of training issues including cross-cultural preparation, managing diversity, and socializing employees.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives include:

* Discuss how training can contribute to companies’ business strategy.

* Explain the manager’s role in identifying training needs and supporting training on the job.

* Conduct a needs assessment.

* Evaluate employees’ readiness for training.

* Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of presentation, hands-on, and group training methods.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives include:

Explain potential e-learning training advantages.

* Design a training session to maximize learning.

* Choose an appropriate evaluation design based on training objectives and analysis of constraints.

* Design a cross-cultural preparation program.

* Develop a program for effectively managing diversity.

Training can...