Installing the Motor of Linear Vibrating Screen Methods

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Linear vibrating screen has many advances of big capacity, easy maintaining, high efficiency and so on. We can deal with the problem by adjusting the size of sieve, but this can reduce the area of screening, the capacity and efficiency of the equipment, what’s more, this can have a bad effect on the processing of production, so we can choose that installing the motor on the bottom so that reducing the width of linear vibrating screen, this will keep the area of screening and not influence the capacity and efficiency. And that will reduce the width of linear vibrating screen.There are 3 steps to installing it, and the details are as follows:Firstly, installing the motor on the bottom: Installing the motor on the bottom is most common method, many factories will advice that you should do this as the method, mobile crushing and screening plant is safe and use less space. If the customers have a strict requirement for the width, and the sides of linear vibrating screen should keep the certain width so that it is easy to feeding and maintaining. If the width of equipment is too big, this can cause that the equipment can not be putted or in is hard to be putted.Secondly, installing the motor on the sides: The method is also one of installing the motor of linear vibrating screen. If the customers have a serious requirement for the height of all the equipment and have no requirement for the width of the equipment, we can adopt the method. For example, there are some special requirements for certain materials, the discharging mouth can not high. In this situation, if we still install the motor on the bottom of linear vibrating screen.Thirdly, installing the motor on the top of linear vibrating screen: The method is not commonly, few customers will choose the method, but there are some types linear vibrating screen that can use the method. If the customer have the requirement for the height and width of discharging mouth, then vibrating motor is not be installed on the...