Walmart Case Study

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Various organizations have devised international standards for ethical corporate behavior. |


1) Given the diversity of countries in which Wal-Mart operates, what sort of code will you develop?

2) What issues should you consider?

3) Given the diversity of countries around the world, is it possible to develop a code that guides ethical behaviour everywhere?


Wal-Mart is an American multinational retail corporation that has "over 11,000 retail units... in 27 countries. They employ 2.2 million people around the world." (Wal-Mart) Due to the global reach that Wal-Mart possess, I believe that there shouldn't be a set ethical code in which to operate instead it should be an ever changing and evolving ethical code. Instead, Wal-Mart should focus on developing a framework that is consistent with the laws of the United States. However, this framework should be open to interpretation, as the 27 countries that Wal-Mart operates in are not going to have the same laws or industry practises of the US. Further to this, the Wal-Mart corporation should clearly state how they want business to be conducted from the top down. By this I mean that the code or framework needs to be endorsed by the chairman or CEO. From there, the responsibility should then fall on to the CEO's to ensure that they follow the Wal-Mart way and not tarnish the brand. This in its self would set an ethical code for the CEO's and their companies to follow and maintain. When establishing an ethical code the following issues should be considered:

* Cultural Norms

* Cultural Diversity

* American Laws

* Host countries laws

* Religion

* Host Countries Political System

* Government Intervention in the Market

From this, I believe that it is possible to have a global ethical code for an individual company. However "the code needs to be understood, used, taught, monitored, and regularly re-evaluated" (Webley) by the chairman or CEO. If this approach is...