Mountain Man Brewing Company

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Mountain Man Brewing Company: Bringing the brand to Light

This is a case that involves a young man named Chris Prangel, who is managing the marketing operations of the family-owned business “Mountain Man Brewing Company” (MMBC) in which he will inherit. MMBC has a strong association with the blue-collar, working class middle-age males (Ages 45-54) with middle to low income. However, due to changes in beer drinker’s preferences, Prangel now faces the challenging decision of whether or not to introduce a new light beer and launch Mountain Man Light. In the event he chooses to do so, he hopes to attract the new key consumer segment of younger drinkers. This is a segment that represented roughly 13% of the adult population in 2005 and accounted for more than 27% of total beer consumption and the number is growing. In this case, I will discuss the many attributes that have made MMBC so successful and distinguished from its competitors, the main challenges with making this decision MMBC is facing, and my personal decision as to whether I think MMBC should introduce a light beer and launch Mountain Man Light.

Attributes that have made MMBC successful and distinguished from competitors

MMBC is regarded as a quality beer of an authentic West Virginia family recipe, which has created a brand that differentiates their lager from their competitors. MMBC’s 50 years of experience in the brewing industry has allowed them to identify and satisfy their customer’s needs for many years. In response, MMBC’s popularity among the East Central region has earned it the top market position in West Virginia and Illinois. Brand awareness within MMBC’s target market of blue-collar consumers is also a major cornerstone in the brand’s success. It is often referred to as the best-known beer in the region with 67% response rate from the state’s adult population. MMBC also maintained a very high level of brand loyalty among its consumers. Of the many attributes that defined MMBC’s...