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4th Grade – English Language Arts Curriculum Map

QUARTER 2 Unit |

Establishing Rituals and Routines |

Anchor Charts for Rituals and RoutinesWhat is an Interactive Notebooks? (video)Interactive Student Notebook (explanation)Interactive Student Notebooks Lesson PlanInteractive Notebook GuidelinesInteractive Notebook Rubric (example) |

THEME: The Sky’s the Limit – Courage and Innovation |

SKILL BUILDING TASKSThis unit is intended to meet the shared reading and writing workshop segments of a balanced literacy program. Reading foundational standards, while reinforced in this unit, should be taught directly during daily guided reading and explicit phonics instruction. |


George Washington’s Socks Elvira Woodruff | SMART Board Lessons: Click on the links below and scroll down to find the title of the lesson.My Bad Events Leading to Revolutionary WarEarly British Acts Leading to Revolutionary War | George Washington’s Socks(Novel Study)George Washington’s Socks Unit InteractiveGeorge Washington Resource Page |


PRIMARY WRITING FOCUS: Opinion / Support a position * Opinion: In the book George Washington’s Socks, written by Elvira Woodruff, five children are mysteriously thrown back in time to George Washington’s Continental Army crossing the Delaware River in 1776. This was a time for many American colonists to make a courageous decision. Should they join the Patriots and their fight for freedom from British control or remain loyal to King George and support his rule? If they decided to support the Patriots, they risk the brutality of the British soldiers and if they decided to support the Loyalists, they could forever be disowned by their family members and their fellow Americans. Think about which side you would choose to support if you lived back then. Cite examples in the text for your choice (e.g., the British soldiers...

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