World Industrial Fasteners - Demand to Rise 5.4% Annually Through 2018

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Nov, 27th 2014, Mumbai, India: Bharat Book Bureau presents the report, on “World Industrial Fasteners”. The study also assesses market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market

World demand to rise 5.4% annually through 2018

Worldwide demand for industrial fasteners is forecast to climb 5.4 percent annually through 2018 to $93.8 billion, accelerating from the 2008-2013 pace. Increases in motor vehicle, machinery, and other durable goods production will all support growth in fastener markets as the global economy expands and fixed investment expenditures rise. In addition, product prices will climb at a faster pace than during the 2008-2013 period, boosting demand in value terms.

Developing areas to outpace demand in developed regions

Industrial fastener market gains are expected to be strong in both developing and developed regions through 2018. However, advances in developing areas -- including the Asia/Pacific and Africa/ Mideast regions, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe -- will outpace demand in the US, Western Europe, and Japan. Sales gains will be driven by healthy economic growth and ongoing industrialization efforts in most developing nations, resulting in higher manufacturing output and fixed investment spending. Rising living standards in these areas will help fuel demand for motor vehicles and other fastenercontaining durable goods, boosting both original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and aftermarket fastener sales. Although market growth in developed countries will not be as strong as those forecast for industrializing regions, it will represent a significant improvement over sales performance during the 2008-2013 period. Rebounding levels of fixed investment, along with higher durable goods manufacturing output, will be a primary driver of fastener demand in the US, Western Europe, and Japan.

Motor vehicle OEM market to post largest value gains

Motor vehicle original equipment manufacturing, the...