Unit Iv Case Study

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Unit IV case study |

Mohamed saad |

Columbia Southern University 7 December 2014 |

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1- How does an exclusive brand such as Luis Vuitton grow and stay fresh while retaining its


I think LV is depending on different strategies to maintain their brand grow and fresh they are summarized as following:

1- They are mixing their way of promoting their brands by using celebrities and stars in fashion, movies or even singers in a unique advertisement material attract the top level customers.

2- Cities extension all over the world are trending for the luxury malls and shopping centers, LV is focusing to be part of these areas which is directed to their customers.

3- Focusing on top high class events (LV cup, etc.).

4- Unify the prices of the brands all over the world (cannot buy the brand cheaper in any country in the world).

5- Maintain the quality as expected as a one of the top luxury brand.

6- High level of customer services (Custom made products for the worldwide events for different top customer’s satisfaction).

7- They produce limited edition not to be profitable but to be very attractive for others to buy LV product as it is prestigious.

8- Even for people buy LV copied products, after trying having LV brand they always tend to get the original real brand, so copying the brand increase the brand loyalty .


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2- Is the counterfeiting of Louis Vuitton always a negative? Are there any circumstances where it can be seen as having some positive aspects?

Knockoff handbags are "gateway drugs" that lead to purchases of pricey designer goods, according to new research. Two studies show that counterfeit designer bags boost sales of the real thing, because as women became attached to their "phony Vuittons," they become more and...