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Bulletin of Information


Bulletin of Information Table of Contents

05 General Information

07 Miriam College Mission-Vision Higher Education Unit Mission-Vision 08 History 09 Miriam College Institutional Core Values 10 Key Result Areas 11 Consortium of Women’s Colleges 12 International Partnerships and Linkages 14 Advocacy Centers 16 Special Centers

57 Student Services and Facilities

59 First Year Development Program 60 Guidance Program The Campus Ministry Office for Spiritual Development 61 Facilities

69 Student Programs and Activities

71 Student Council Miriam College COMELEC 72 Co-Curricular Organizations 74 Extra-Curricular Organizations 76 Student Publications

19 Admission and Registration Policies

21 Admission Policies 23 Admission Procedures for Local Applicants 24 Admission Procedures for Foreign Applicants 26 Language Requirement Scholarship and Financial Aid 28 Student Registration

79 Undergraduate Programs

81 College of Arts and Sciences 149 College of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting 199 College of Education 217 College of International, Humanitarian, and Development Studies

35 Academic Policies

37 Classification of Students 38 Student Load Student Assessment 39 Class Attendance 41 Examinations Grading and Reporting 44 Students’ Evaluation of the Learning Situation (SELS) Tutorial Classes 45 Summer Classes 46 Maximum Residence The Standards Deciding Body Retention and Discontinuance of Study 50 General Requirements for Graduation 52 General Policies 53 Tuition and Other School Fees

245 Academic Areas 265 College Directory

265 Board of Trustees 266 President’s Council 267 Advocacy Centers Special Centers 268 Deans, Associate Deans, and Administrators 269 Faculty

Table of Contents

General Information

Table of Contents

The Miriam College Institutional Vision-Mission

Vision Statement

Miriam College is a premier Filipino Catholic institution of learning that forms leaders in service who combine...

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