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GOVT. 2305

Bus Boycotts

This picture was taken on December 21, 1956 on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled racial segregation on the city buses unconstitutional. It took almost a year of protests by many people to make this happen. The two men sitting right behind the bus driver is symbolic of the victory. When people view this historic picture, they will be reminded of the struggle for equality in the 50s and 60s in America. I look at this picture as a victorious glimpse of the struggle the people in Alabama went through for all Americans and for equal rights.

Sit Ins

In 1960, the sit in became a way for protesters to peacefully express their desire for equality. African Americans would stage sit ins at diners and restaurants in the south where they were normally not served. This picture is comprised of students and was taken in Nashville, Tennessee. The historic significance of this picture is the representation of the people, young and old, who fought peacefully for civil rights. For me it is a bold movement for and is a reminder of the bravery of people that came before me.

Little Rock 9

In 1957, nine children enrolled at Central High School, as a protest to equal rights for education. They had a military escort. This picture shows them walking up to the first day of school. The bravery these students showed will forever be portrayed in pictures like this one. I think about how young these students were, teenagers, and how they demanded a better education. Because of the actions of these students, I was able to come to America to receive an education as well.

Malcolm X and

Martin Luther King Jr.

These men had different philosophies about how to go about protesting and achieving civil rights. Malcolm X had an “any means necessary” approach, whereas Martin Luther King Jr. preached of peaceful protests. Both men fought for what they believed in and both men were assassinated....