Civil Rights

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Civil Rights

The civil rights movement passing was an extremely proud moment in American history. The injustices faced on African American people before the passing of this movement were horrible. Many American citizens felt as though the movement should have not been a problem, as we all deserve a quality. Unfortunely, this was a highly debated topic between the north and south United States. This paper will discuss how African Americans finally received the equality that all people deserve.

It is an embarrassment that we had the civil rights movements just to realize that we are all equal. The government should be mortified of themselves for even thinking of taking somebody’s rights away from them just because of their skin color. We are the same in different ways; we are all similar in many ways as well. However, we should be incredibly proud of how far this nation has traveled from the days of slavery. Despite the fact that our civilization has been threw an assortment of things we have still stayed strong and that has turned into the great nation that we live in now.

We discussed one of our most widespread issues as a country. It is a shame to imagine a time when an African American could not enjoy the same liberties as other races. I am glad we were able to preset this humiliation in our modern history. Incredibly, this controversial issue was met with much conflict that prevailed. It is just unfortunate that our Country, the land of the free, took so long to truly allow all the same inate rights.