Daniel's Story Review

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Makayla Poole

Daniel's Story Review

In the story Daniel’s Story there was a lot conflict. But really as I was reading it, it really kind of made a little bit of since why Daniel and his family did what they did. In the story they are moved from there home which I do kind of know what that is like. My mother has made me move without me wanting to. The only real difference in when Daniel had to move he was moving to a ghetto. At other times he was moved to a concentration camp and a work camp. So basically he went through what I did with the moving part. In the story he was in life treating danger and could possibly get killed at any moment. The guards at the camps and at the ghettos were very vicious. As Daniel said “Killing is like a game to them.” As I sit reading it makes me think who could ever do something that cruel. I wish I were to have lived back then and was Jewish, because even if I would have been killed I would have stood up for what I believed in. If I could have lived back then and I wasn’t a Jewish person I would have tried to find a way to stop what was happening. All of the visuals you get when reading this story you would think were unbelievable, but they are part of what really happened. The Story was based on the lives of families in the Holocaust. Although it was not a real person and a specific family it still really makes you think how curl and inhuman people can be. Reading this story, it was one of the best Holocaust stories I have read so far. But it was just depending on the other books I have compared it to. Books can make you look at life different and this one did. It’s weird as people think I am cruel when I say this I’m really not that sad that the Holocaust happened. Yes it did kill millions of people but it is just another experience we can learn from. So as I say again, although Daniel is a fictitious character this book is true. The book may not be about a boy named...