Overall Banking Activities of Exim Bank

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Chapter One


1.1 Origin of the report

This report has been prepared on the basis of experience gathered during the period of internship from May 01, 2008 to July 31, 2008 in EXIM Bank, Malibagh Branch. For preparing this report, I have also collect information from annual report and Website of the EXIM Bank Ltd. I have presented my experience and findings by using different charts and tables, which are presented in the analysis part.

1.2 Objective the study

General objective

▪ To gain practical experiences and view the application of theoretical knowledge in the real life.

▪ To acquire practical experience in different banking services of EXIM Bank.

Specific objective

▪ To submit a report for the fulfillment of my BBA program

▪ Find out the overall branch banking

▪ To gather comprehensive knowledge on overall banking functions and the expectations of the customers regarding the service level of the bank.

▪ To present an overview of EXIM Bank Limited

▪ To study existing banker-customer relationship.

▪ To identify the problems of financing by EXIM Bank Limited.

This report has been prepared through extensive discussion with bank employees and with the customers. While preparing this report, I had a great opportunity to have an in depth knowledge of all the banking activities practiced by the EXIM Bank Limited.

1.3 Scope of this study

During these three months internship program in Exim Bank Limited, Malibagh Brach, almost all the desks have been observed. For that purpose I needed to get information from Exim Bank Head Office. But I was appointed into Exim Bank, Malibagh branch. There I had to work in General banking, Investment, Foreign Exchange desks as a routine work. I gathered information for my report from Exim Bank Head Office besides my routine work. It was difficult to collect the information relevant my report, because the people of this Bank was so busy with their duty that...