Reaction Paper Reproductive Health Care Program

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Anna Dianne C. Enriquez

BSBA II - Human Resource Mangement

St. Joseph College of Bulacan


Reaction Paper: S.B. No. 40, AN ACT



Senator Rodolfo G. Biazon introduced the “Reproductive Health Care Act” which clearly stated programs that will be a huge help in the development of the reproductive issues that are related to rapid population growth. According to Iloilo First District Representative Janette Loreto-Garin, author of the Reproductive Health Act pending before the 14th Congress:

"The Reproductive Health Care Act" is a bill that establishes the Reproductive Health Care Program of the country. It recognizes women's rights and gender equality and ensures universal access to reproductive health information, education and services," Representative Garin explained. "The bill further provides that comprehensive health care means the inclusion of measures that promote safe motherhood, care for persons with HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections, infertility treatment, and male involvement in reproductive health."

I respectfully agree to her statement and understanding about the said bill. Also according to her: Pro-life and pro-family. Anti-abortion and anti-irresponsible parenthood. That is right. If our country would just have a responsible parenthood, unexpected and unwanted birth will not appear and cause rapid population growth. If the individual cannot be responsible by themselves, then considering this act to be done will make a big change. One of the reasons why young pregnancy occurs might because of what this bill has explained. In solution to that, having a reproductive health care program provided by the government is better way. It might be a great help for our sinking country due to over population.

Unlike other reproductive health bills, this act focused much in providing well needed programs by the Filipino women and for couples...