North Sea Production and Capital Expenditure Market Analysis, Size and Share

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In North Sea, 36 key planned projects are expected to contribute 819 thousand barrels of oil per day and 1.1 billion cubic feet per day to global gas production in 2025. UK has the highest planned projects in the region at 25, followed by Norway and Denmark at 9 and 2 respectively. An estimated capital expenditure of US$86.5 billion is expected to be spent in bringing these key planned projects online, almost half of which is expected to be spent during 2016 to 2025. Statoil ASA will have the highest capex spending and highest planned production among all the companies in the North Sea region.

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- Oil and gas production outlook by key countries and companies in the North Sea

- Planned projects count and starts by key countries and companies in the region

- Details of key planned crude and natural gas projects in North Sea

- Capex and opex outlook by key countries and companies in the region

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- Understand oil and gas production outlook for the North Sea

- Keep abreast of key planned production projects in the region

- Facilitate decision making on the basis of strong oil and gas production forecast

- Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights on North Sea production and capex outlook

- Assess your competitor's planned oil and gas production projects

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2 Oil and Gas Industry in North Sea 5

2.1 Key Highlights 5

2.2 Key Planned Projects Count by Country 6

2.3 Key Planned Starts by Country 7

2.4 Production Outlook for Key Planned Projects in North Sea 8

2.5 Key Planned Crude Projects for North Sea 11

2.6 Key Planned Gas Projects for North Sea 13

2.7 Key Discovered Fields in North Sea 13