The Definition of Literature

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Literature is…our class definition of the concept

Literature is…

…a learning tool.

…anything that involves writing with a story line to it.

…the expression of an author’ in written form. It is a separate universe of thought and reason, which individuals are able to create.

…the expression of one’s ideals, philosophies, and opinions coming to life for other readers to either enjoy or hate and, more importantly, analyze and think about.

…any form of writing that can be broken down and analyzed by readers.

…involves words written in a musical tone, while others a great story.

…like music, an art form. It is a way in which individual ideas and thoughts can be expressed freely, through imagination, memory, fiction, language, and reality.

…wonderful! To me, literature means books. Discussion literature also expands the ideas of what I’ve read and lets me listen to others’ opinions and views.

…timeless. It’s ubiquitous, diverse, and ancient.

…important in every career.

…something that often presents a fairly basic and comprehendible conflict or struggle to address an underlying one much more significant and broad.

…an escape into someone else’s mind.

…an escape.

…my least favorite school subject because I am an awful writer and horrible speller.

Literature is…[according to others]

…writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography, and essays (

…creative writing of recognized artistic value (Princeton University’s WordNet Search).