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Nikes goes digital


Case summary

This case describes the strategies that have been employed by Nike in marketing their

products. For a very long time, all their advertisements were handled by Wieden and

Kennedy who really helped to bring the brand closer to the customers. They used sports

stars such as Tiger Woods, Bo Jackson, Maria Sharapova and Michael Jordan. This

traditional type of advertising has brought Nike a tremendous amount of success. However,

the company is spending lesser on advertising media and moving towards where their core

customers who are teenagers are located. They are now making use of the social media

platforms including Facebook, You Tube and twitter to reach their customers. The

company is using the web as a whole to reach their customers and so far, this seems to be

working perfectly well.

Key promotion issues

a. Integrated Market Communications (IMC): Nike over the last 20 years hired Wieden

and Kennedy a small advertising firm in Oregon to handle their advertisements.

During this period, most of their advertisements were carried through the print

media, radio and TV advertisements. All the coordination work was implemented by

Wieden and Kennedy.

b. Branding: This involves a combination of a number of factors possessed by Nike

which include its brand logo, symbols, unique design, style and innovation. Through

their Nike ID website, Nike allows customers to design their own shoes and have

them designed for them. Nike has also partnered with apple to produce Nike +

products including Nike + GPS app, Nike + GPS stopwatch and Nike Fuel band.

c. Creation of company touch points: Nike has increased its presence on the net in

order to reach their teenager customers. This has been done through their various

websites, through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, You Tube and

Twitter. The company has also been engaging in promotions such as the “Write the

Future Campaign” during the FIFA world cup...