Nutrition Reflection

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Alexandra Holman

Health 1070

Ms. Victoria Smith

3 December 2014

Nutrition, at first thought, inspires fantasies of apples, bananas, vitamin pills, and a person

running down a grassy pathway in the prime of life fitness wise. But the subject incorporates so

much more than simply eating healthy or working out, as is often pictured. It is about how our

bodies function, each internal process, how what we eat affects our health, and the way that

vitamins and minerals interact to express themselves in our body for the good or even, bad.

For myself, taking this class was not simply just a requirement in my educational plan,

but a course that I choose because it was on a topic that I am passionate for. I grew up in a

home where eating healthy and keeping in shape were very important, and still are to this day. It

is because of this I grew to become very empowered about nutrition and so by taking this class,

I would be expanding my knowledge all the more. I most certainly was not disappointed.

Nutrition, so far, has taught me a vast array of topics that I could write about for pages.

Much I had already learned from what I had been taught at home or had gleaned in previous

educational outlets. It was here, though, that my knowledge increased, preparing me wisely for

how I could possibly help my own family or friends who needed guidance on nutritional matters.

For example, I learned that carbohydrates are the building blocks of nutrition, furnishing energy

and metabolizing fat. Lipids protect cell membranes and protect organs against shock, proteins

grow hair and repair muscles, while vitamins assist enzymes to release.

One portion of my learning so far that impacted me the most was the role of vitamins in

our health and diet. They are so important in each function of our body from our eyes to our

skin to our digestion. It is amazing how such a small mass lends itself to helping our body in a

profound way. Another related part...